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Courtney Hilley Clothing on Studio 10

“Courtney Hilley Design has produced a slow-fashion namesake line of linen clothes and silk wraps, created in the name of sustainability and staying cool in the coastal heat. They like to think of this line as a subtropical woman’s uniform.  Courtney stated, "We use luxury-grade linen that is carefully and ethically sourced in Ukraine, and I’ve designed these pieces intentionally for air flow, cool comfort, and heavy use in the multi-seasonal southern heat...”

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ACCESS Magazine Feature: 50 Most Beautifully Influential

COURTNEY RENAE ELEANOR HILLEY Hometown - Satsuma, ALHaving spent short stints of her life in in Florida and Mississippi, Courtney Hilley says that the Bay Area has always been home base for her, which is why she and husband Christian moved back to Mobile in 2016. The pair now own and operate Midtown’s Chaleur Coffee, a coffee roastery and tasting room on Dauphin Street. “I love continuing to learn more about the science of coffee and how we can play an important part in providing coffee farmers and their families with healthy lives by advocating for them, as well as being able to partner with other coffee shops and help them strengthen their personal brands and programs,” she shares. A...

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Creativity in Healing: An Interview with Courtney Hilley for Quin

"Once upon a time, I lived in Mobile, Alabama. I often tell people that is where I am from even though I only lived there for about five years during college. My family and I moved quite a bit growing up, but when I got to Mobile I felt that I actually grew up. Most of my closest friends came from my time living there. It is where I got my footing in life and really started to explore what it meant to be an artist. I have lived all over the world since living in Mobile but a part of me will always consider it home. It was in Mobile that I had the privilege of..." Read the full...

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