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What is Sustainability Shaming?

Sustainability Shaming is the practice of guilting others in an unhealthy way into "going sustainable." Here's how that actually causes a reactionary, and long-term LESS sustainable lifestyle for those who are sustainability-shamed.

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SS20 Capsule Collection Release Interview with Courtney Hilley

How old were you when you designed your first piece of clothing? When I was in the fourth grade, I used to design and draw gowns and different pieces for my friends and myself. I’d actually forgotten that until I found a folder with some old drawings a couple of years ago. I made any costumes I needed with my grandmother when I was young, but as far as designing and sewing a piece of clothing to wear, I made my first piece my senior year of high school- a red, high waisted maxi skirt. What are 2 principles you wish people would adopt when it comes to their wardrobe? Investment is cheaper than buying cheap. Sustainability in our wardrobes...

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