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Fighting for Peace: My Daily Routine

  This is the first installment of what will be an ongoing topic throughout the duration of this blog. Peacefulness is not passive; it’s something you have to actively and continually fight to keep in your life. A life with no peace, filled with stress, anxiety and fear (three big words that most people can align with this year) can cause actual physical damage to your body, not to mention your spirit. The moral of my personal story lately is this: Stress, if not dealt with, can manifest itself physically in our bodies in whatever ways it chooses. This includes mimicking symptoms of an auto immune disease. Heavy stress and anxiety can also trigger auto immune diseases, along with so...

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What is Sustainability Shaming?

Sustainability Shaming is the practice of guilting others in an unhealthy way into "going sustainable." Here's how that actually causes a reactionary, and long-term LESS sustainable lifestyle for those who are sustainability-shamed.

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SS20 Capsule Collection Release Interview with Courtney Hilley

How old were you when you designed your first piece of clothing? When I was in the fourth grade, I used to design and draw gowns and different pieces for my friends and myself. I’d actually forgotten that until I found a folder with some old drawings a couple of years ago. I made any costumes I needed with my grandmother when I was young, but as far as designing and sewing a piece of clothing to wear, I made my first piece my senior year of high school- a red, high waisted maxi skirt. What are 2 principles you wish people would adopt when it comes to their wardrobe? Investment is cheaper than buying cheap. Sustainability in our wardrobes...

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