From the designer:

In the spring of 2019, I designed and sewed eleven fundamental linen pieces for my own use, because I needed something cooler, lighter, and easier to wear. I was working on my feet all day and needed comfort, but I also wanted to feel good about the way I looked, especially if I had to go from work to a nice event without being able to change clothes. I had no intention of releasing them as a line to the public, but after much encouragement and so many opportunities to do so presented themselves, I decided to officially share these pieces that have made me so happy with other like-minded people, who may have the same problems with their wardrobes that I did. Slow, clean fashion is really important to me-and if you know me, you know that that’s a common thread I have with a lot of things. Our coffee company, Chaleur Coffee, is partnered only with really wonderful, good hearted people who are fighting for the ethical treatment/payment of farmers and practices in coffee farming. The same goes for the linen and atelier that I am thankful to have been introduced to for this line of linen clothes. Here’s a little bit of information about the sustainability of this line, as well as Julia and her team from the Kidphilosophy website:  

Julia “...has a commitment to sustainable and ethical practices, focusing on creating small collections of timeless garments that are designed to last.
‘Production runs are small, utilising largely a made-to-order model that ensures there is no wastage while also offering a personal touch. Each garment is made individually with an acute attention to detail displayed in the finished product.
‘Several incentives are in place to repurpose off-cuts... All off-cuts are organised by shape, colour and size to donate or sell to small local projects such as toys makers, patch-workers and an incentive to make sanitary pads for women.”
 Additionally, all linen is sourced by Julia at local markets in Ukraine, and the linens we use have detailed descriptions of exactly from where the fabric is made.
I send the design samples to Julia, and the pieces we sell are made in Odessa by a team consisting of Julia, two dressmakers and an assistant. Aside from the linen line, all silk pieces, accessories, and one-off designs are sourced and made in Alabama, by me.

  I hope you find comfort in these pieces, and are encouraged to slow down and find peaceful moments by wearing them.  


Because our designs are sewn by the women of Kidphilosophy in Ukraine, our sizing follows along with their sizing guide. To make sure a piece is the right fit for you, please follow the guide below, and compare your measurements.


Bust (cm/") - 82-84cm / 32-33"
Waist (cm/") - 62-65cm / 24-25”
Hips (cm/") - 90-93cm / 35-36.50"

Bust (cm/") - 86-90cm / 34-35”
Waist (cm/") - 66-70cm / 26-27”
Hips (cm/") - 94-98cm / 37-38.50”

Bust (cm/") - 92-96cm / 36-38”
Waist (cm/") - 72-76cm / 28-30”
Hips (cm/") - 100-104cm / 39-40.50"

Bust (cm/") - 98-102cm / 39 - 40”
Waist (cm/") - 78-82cm / 31-32”
Hips (cm/") - 106-110cm / 41-43”

Bust (cm/") - 104-108cm / 41-42”
Waist (cm/") - 85-88cm / 33-34.50”
Hips (cm/") - 112-116cm / 44-45.50”

If you don’t see your size, please feel free to contact us about custom sizing at contact@courtneyhilley.com.